Best Innovation Safety-Award nominet Bett Awards 2016 award

Multi-award winning whole school online safety

Student leadership

The eCadets programme coaches your students to be online safety experts. They can deliver our class and assembly activities. Schools have seen a dramatic impact in improving behaviour, safeguarding and reducing online safety issues.

Bespoke resources

eCadets has differentiated resources for 5-16 year olds produced by leading safeguarding experts and award-winning teachers. Our proven model raises online safety awareness for the whole school community, including teachers, parents and governors.

School award

We assess and reward your students with digital badging for the activities they complete, and school points for our league table! As an eCadet Lead Teacher, staff will have the opportunity to develop their own professional learning whilst leading a whole school project.

Getting started

Getting started

Once you have registered, we give you the materials to help you recruit your team of eCadets (2 students per class). They can log into the site to see the activities we create every term. This includes training to deliver to the fellow classmates.

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

The eCadets activities help by giving all your students practical skills to enhance their online safety. The learning topics cover best practice and are dynamically reviewed to ensure they meet current trends and issues also.

Digital Citizenship impact

Digital Citizenship impact

By becoming an eCadet school you are joining a community of schools who care about delivering the premium online safety and digital citizenship solution. eCadets has a proven impact and is recognised as the leading student-centered programme.

eCadets instils Digital Citizenship

What Ofsted Inspectors say is outstanding for online safety is exactly what eCadets provides!

“An age-appropriate e-safety curriculum that is !exible, relevant and engages pupils’ interest; that is used to promote e-safety through teaching pupils how to stay safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety. Positive rewards are used to cultivate positive and responsible use. Peer mentoring programmes.” —Ofsted Guidance on eSafety

Nicola Booth, Headteacher, St Mary's School
"The eCadets is a must-have. It's helped ensure our whole school has strong skills for life, and their social media helpline is of great reassurance as Henry and the eCadet team are always there to answer any questions."
Diane Chisholm, Headteacher, Southdown School
"There is nothing like the innovative eCadets scheme. It is 100% focused on delivering the best solution for schools and empowering pupils."
Jamie Tennant, Headteacher, Hawarden Village School
"The eCadets have had a great impact at our school in helping empower pupils to keep all pupils at the school safe. It has been especially good for enhancing pupil voice, well being and safeguarding."

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