Screen Time Challenge As A Team ~ Year 5

By Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Primary

Screen Time Challenge As A Team ~ Year 5
This blog is about the year 5 eCadects challenge which was screen time.  It was very fun and challenging to do the slide show in front of the class. The challenge was to #swap screen time for family time instead of staring at a screen and doing activities on a device. We loved doing this challenge and we can't wait for the next challenge.


By Mollie

hey, I think this is a really good idea as a lot of people just play games all day and lock themselves in his/her room. In my opinion this is very important to a lot of family's around the world and as a team we could help everyone in school.          

    *keep working hard and changing the world <3*

By Rachael

I'm an eCadet and the eCadets in my class wrote this blog!    

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