Online Safety and Screen Time


Recently, the Ecadets at St Sebastians have presented an assembly about online safety which was fun.We was also talking about how people aren't who you think they are. It could be a grown man trying to find out your location and which school you go to. If you think someone is being suspicous, asking too many persinal questions about you, immediately tell your parents or teacher because they are the ones who are going to solve the problem.Furthermore, facts say that children aged 5 and younger should use screens for less than 2 hours.However, older children and teenagers focus more an screen-time activities rather than setting time limits. They use their spare time playing online games like Roblox,Fortnite,GTA 5 and many other global games. We have discussed how to stay safe online and to reduce our screen time. We have also talked about how we should only watch appropriate games for our age.


By Finlay

Well done!

avatar Lee Caine
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