Our discussion with the MP


Today we met the MP. We asked her some questions about being an MP. First Henok asked her "What are the challenges you face being an MP?" She said that sometimes the government does not listen to her and sometimes there are problems that cannot be sorted out. That sometimes upset her as did not want anybody to be going home with a big problem to face. The next question that I asked was 'What inspired you to become an MP?' The MP said that when she was growing up, she had thought about the people who were homeless and had very little to eat. She was often very upset about those people and wished that there was no such thing. As she got older, she realised why some people were homeless and hungry. She got angry about the thought because she thought that it was not fair that some were not as fortunate as her. She said that the Internet was so fast that no police checked the internet. She was passionate about keeping us safe online.

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