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Solving online problems

One of the E-cadets went into year4 to talk about online saftey . everyone had perfect answers and understood online saftey and knew what to do when things get dangerous. the E-cadet did conscience alley which every one understood and had good ansewrs


ONLINE SAFETY If anyone you don't know talks to you tell a trusted adult. If a stranger askes for your personal details don't tell them anything and leave the game.

online problems

.If somebody you don't know invites you to a party on a game and starts asking you personal questions what wold you do ? .one of your friends online who you've never met asked to meet up what would you do ? .someone online was being really nice to you what would you? .if someone swears at you or is nasty to you online what would you do ?

Online Friendships

online friends

How to stay safe online.

My blog is about how to stay safe online.

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