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tips for online

when online remember you need to be careful because you can contact anyone online such as scammers , hackers , people that can try and get your personal information that is why you need to follow the smart rules. Stay safe dont get in contact with anyone you dont know online. Meeting up with people dont meet up with people online that you dont know because it may be very dangerous. Aceppting files dont open any emails or links from people you dont know online as there could be a virus and it may damage you device. Reible chek infomation before you belive it is the person or website telling the truth. Tell tell an adult is someone or something makes you worried online. follow thease rules to keep you safe online.

Online worries.

The OLSA E-Cadets helping those in need.

Sunscreen and sharing

We will be talking about sharing your private information and talk to parents on how you can keep your device secure and safe.

Summer Safety

This is what we are going to do to continue being helpful to people struggling on the internet.

The Celebration of the eCadets

In this celebration we have made decorations and top tips to lead your way to safety.

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