Official eCadet school status

As the coordinator all you need to do is click "Sign Up" above. We then give you the resources to help pick your team of eCadets (usually 1 or 2 per class). These resources include launch assembly slides and video, posters, letters home - everything you could wish for. Ince you have your volunteers and you've given them their personal login, it's all over to your team as it's driven by them 100%.

Telephone: 07590 629433

If you'd like to become an eCadet school or discuss the scheme further please

contact us

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If someone online is being super nice to you but you don't know them do not answer them back because they may pesuade you to tell them your personal infomation. if someone in your class tells your their friends name but you don't know them DO NOT talk to them or tell a trusted adult... Read more


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